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This image shows in detail the current cloud cover affecting the United Kingdom. The image is regularly updated, and this browser window will automatically refresh to check for a more current version.

Animated Satellite Image

See image below for the latest UK Hi Res visible satellite image/animation, updated every 15 minutes.

Automatically switches to Infra/red at night. Images courtesy of Sat 24 








These images come from satellites which remain above a fixed point on the Earth (i.e. they are "geostationary"). The visible image record visible light from the sun reflected back to the satellite by cloud tops and land and sea surfaces. They are equivalent to a black and white photograph from space. They are better able to show low cloud than infrared images (low cloud is more reflective than the underlying land or sea surface). However, visible pictures can only be made during daylight hours.
Coast-lines and lines of latitude and longitude have been added to the images and they have been altered to polar stereographic projection. The visible images are updated hourly between 0600 and 1900 UTC each day.
The Infrared image should be updated with the 00:00, 06:00, 12:00 and 18:00 GMT pictures at about 30 min. past the hour. These are effectively measuring the temperature of the cloud or the Earth's surface. The images are usually prepared in such a way that cold surfaces such as high cloud appear white, and warm surfaces such as low cloud or the Earth's surface appear darker. Infrared images are always available.