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1.Pinner Hill House (Golf Club)
2.Coal Tax Post Potter St
3.Pinner Hill Farm Tower

3a.Pinner Hill Farmhouse

4.Pinner Chalk Mine  

5.Pinnerwood House
5a.Pinnerwood House & Pond
5b.Pinnerwood Farm
5c.Pinnerwood Cottage 
5d.Pinnerwood Lodge
6.Hatch End Station

7.Elliott Hall (Harrow Art Centre)  
8.The Hall Lodge
9.The Starling PH now named Sync
10.Camden Row Pinner Green
11.Thatched Cottage Cuckoo Hill
12.Cuckoo Hill Farm

13.Mistletoe Farm
14.St Catherine's Farm

16.The Old Shooting Box
17.The Grange

17a.The Grange Buildings

17b.The Grange Barn
18.The Case is Altered PH
19.Haydon Lodge
20.Eastcote House Old Coach House
21.Eastcote House Gdn's & Dovecot
22.South Hill Farm

23.White Cottage
24.Joel Street Farm
25.The Woodman PH
26.The Old Barn House
27.New Cottages
28.Park Farm
29.Cheney Street Farm
30.The Grove Lodge
31.Hunsdon Bridge
32.Pinner Village Photo Tour