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Where a name is in brackets this indicates the name/occupier of the building around the early 1900's


Index to Images

1.7 High St (John Lee - Butcher)
2.11 High St (J Bedford -Tailor)
3.6 High St (Victory PH)
4.26 High St (Lines)
5.27 High St (Beaumonts Cottage)
6.29 High St
7.31 High St (Queens Head PH)
8.32 High St (Shirvell's)
9.36-40 High St (F Gurney & Son)
10.33-35 High St (The Old Bakery)
11.37-39 High St
12.Church Farm
13.58 High St (Piercy - Butcher)
14.St Johns Baptist Church
14a.Loudon Tomb
14b.Loudon Tomb Close-up
14c.Skenelsby Headboard
15.64 High St (Cocoa Tree)
16.Pinner Free Church
17.Paines Lane Cemetery
17a.Horatia Ward Grave
18.Pinner House
19.Grange Cottage
21.Tooke Fountain
22.Pinner Park View
23.The Fives Court
24.Tudor Cottage (Moss Lane)
25.East End House
26.East End Farm Cottage
27.Moss Cottage
28.Wax Well
29.Waxwell Farm (Grail)
30.Bee Cottage
31.Orchard Cottage
32.Police Station
33.Oddfellows PH & Unity Place
34.Tudor Cottage (Elm Park Rd)
35.Northend Cottage
36.Red Cottage
37.The Lawn
38.Sweetmans Hall
39.West House